Life Together

Jesus says that the world will recognize His people by their love for each other. We're trying to take that seriously, and grow into a fullness of life that isn't possible when we try to do everything on our own. Primarily, we encourage our folks to get together regularly over dinner in their neighborhoods - to share the ups and downs, to pray together, engage with Scripture, and to experience God's love in community.

But we also have regularly occurring events that bring us together - almost all of them involving food....


Roots Jam

Second Sunday of every month at 4:30pm in the Parish Hall. If you play an acoustic instrument, like to sing folk songs, or just love food and live music, Roots Jam is for you!

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Coffee Hour

Each week, immediately after the service, we all gather together on the ground level of the parish hall for Coffee Hour. This is our regular, set time to connect with one another, to share food and drink, and celebrate the goodness of the life of faith together. Hint: there is always more than just coffee. If the weather is nice, many of us end up out on the lawn, and the kids take full advantage of our playground.