Receiving the love of God - right where we are, just as we are

We hope to announce the love of Jesus to our neighborhood. We do that by first receiving God's grace in our worship and, by extension, the ordinary spaces in our everyday lives. Every moment of every day is full of the potential for encountering the presence and love of God, whether we're celebrating, suffering, or just bored.

We hope to witness to God’s love by getting to know our neighbors, by listening to the hopes and fears of those around us and responding with compassion, and by keeping our eyes open for how God is making all things new in our hearts, our families, and right here in our community.

Our Mission

+ We encounter the love of God each week as we gather together for worship. We sing together, pray together, hear the Good News in Scripture and the preaching of the Gospel, and receive God’s grace through Holy Communion.

+ We share life with one another - around dinner tables, after Sunday worship, during the good times and the bad - we hope to love one another well.

+ We share the life and love we've received with our neighborhood. Our hope is that, both here at the church and in each of our own neighborhoods, we can continually find ways to reach out, to listen, to lend a hand, to share the Good News of Jesus with everyone we encounter.


Stop by, drop us an email, or give us a call - there's a place here for you.