Holy Week, 2019

+ Palm Sunday Liturgy - 10:15am on April 14th

+ Mon.-Wed. (15th-17th) - Noon Eucharist

+ Maundy Thursday (18th) - Eucharist w/ foot washing, 6:30pm

+ Good Friday (19th) - Liturgy at Noon, Stations of the Cross at 6:30pm

+ The Great Vigil of Easter (20th) - 8pm - This ancient liturgy is the climax of the Christian year, beginning in the darkness of the crypt next door and finding it’s mystical climax in the Eucharistic celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, and His trampling down death by death. Not to be missed, if at all possible. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, and everyone is invited. There will be champagne.

+ Easter Sunday - 10:15am - food & fun after worship, including an Easter Egg hunt for the kids! And there may be some champagne left over from the Vigil. Maybe.

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